Microblading – Introducing The Best Technique For Thin Or Sparse Eyebrows

The idea behind Microblading is relatively new in this market and Rest Assured did a wonderful job by letting people know more about it. In layman’s term, this is one tattooing technique where a small handheld device is used with tiny needles to add that semi-permanent pigment to skin. When compared to the standard eyebrow tattooing technique, micro blading is far more precise and different.

In micro blading, each hair stroke is made by hand using blade, creating fine slices in skin. But, then you have eyebrow tattoo where machines are used with single needle to complete the job. There are some simple and easy ways to deposit pigment to mingle well with your natural eyebrow and we know just the right way to do so.

Using advanced technology:

The art of micro blading is quite advance to be precise. We value advanced technology and would love to use that for covering our services well. We will check the method of micro blading against your skin for a basic outline before starting with the task.

Another thing which makes us completely different from the rest is the level of hygiene we maintain while performing these tasks. Our experts are going to use hand gloves to not touch your skin with bare skin, and after using the needles and blades for this procedure, we will dispose it off under safe mediums. The main aim of using most advanced techniques is to beautify the naturally glowing eyebrow strokes you have, just to offer that detailed look well.

More about this method:

Before you jump right into procuring microblading lexington ky services from our side, we want you to know more about this method a bit more. So, we are not just providing our clients with the services but also helping them understand the method right from the core.

  • The main aim of this technique is to ramp up the appearance of your weak eyebrows and maintaining a natural shape at the same time.
  • This method helps in filling in the thin or even misshaped eyebrows and darkening the color of sparse or light eyebrows.
  • It is a great way to perfect the arch of eyebrow, which starts to disappear naturally with growing age.
  • You should always know that this method is a semi-permanent tattooing method, which can easily last for 18 to 24 months with few touch ups from our side.
  • We make it a point to use the best hand held tools, which will create the finest possible hair like strokes for procuring the most natural looking results around here.

For the follow-up care:

Once we have covered the basic micro blading services, we will offer some aftercare maintenance as well. So, make sure to get an appointment with us beforehand and we will help serve you well with the initial touch-ups as regular interval. It is just a matter of giving us a call or booking an appointment online. Make sure to give us a call at 859-286-9859 and let us serve you right.