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Hotel visit only takes place when you are out of your house and in a new place for vacation or business purpose. After a daylong presentation at office, when you come back to your room, you are super tired and feel like some help with massages. Your back and spine might be aching from all those hours of prolong sitting. At that point what you need is the hotel massage and that’s exactly what you are going to get from Rest Assured.

We have a separate team of experienced masseurs ready to visit some of the top-notch hotels in the country and serving people who want to relax their body after a long and hard day. We make it a point to only hire professionals with years of experiences in massaging techniques and able to cover all sorts of help which our clients might demand for. So, if you are looking for any such help, things will take up for a positive turn through us.

Providing hot stone massage services:

Hot stone is known to have some therapeutic measures when mixed with essential aromatherapy oils. Join us for that excellent experience with the hot stone, designed to help people reduce their stress, tension and bodily pain within a jiffy.

  • Whether you are facing some issue with pain or stiff neck or back, our hot stone massage therapy will definitely boost promising blood circulation and help you to get relief from the pain.
  • Moreover, this form of massaging service is designed to ease depression and reduce anxiety effect and stress, which you might have been a victim of.

Get the best reflexology massage from us as well:

We have presented the reflexology massaging services within our hotel massage lexington ky services for those who need one. As understood from the name itself, this form of massage is for improving the reflex areas of your body, whole coordinating with other body organs.

  • By massaging the reflex areas, the energy gets revealed through a secret pathway to the main organs of the body and offering relief to some of the different malfunctions.
  • We have trained practitioners to understand ad value the reflex massaging techniques before introducing the same to the client, residing in the selected hotels.

Ready to offer couple massages too:

We believe that a hotel trip can turn out to be quite meaningful if you have your spouse with you. If both of you are tired from roaming around the city and want to get rid of stress and tension of working life, join our hotel massage packages for couple therapies now. Here, we will offer both members with the finest possible massage therapies you could have ever asked for.

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We have some of the selected hotels where we are capable of providing hotel massage services. So, be sure to log online and check out the list of hotels we are covering for our clients. We might add few more names with passing time, just to expand our reach better.