Rest Assured Massage and Spa offers excellent massage with hot stone and is the right destination for people looking to reduce tension, stress and pain. The heated stones create a relaxing effect and radiate the feeling of warmth which spreads comfort throughout the body. Whether you are troubled due to pain and stiffness in the neck and back and want to unwind or boost the blood circulation, our trained staff is aware of the right techniques that can bring relief. Today stress affects women as they need to handle tension in the workplace and also manage the daily chores at home. With us you can re-energize your senses as the hot stone massage is carried out by an excellent team which caters to the problems of each client.


No everyone has the skills to offer relief when it comes to Hot Stone Massage but our spa is different as the experts place the heated stones at the right point of contact in the spine to enhance the flow of energy. The massage when combined with the benefits of the hot stone eases tension, stress and provides relief from pain and injuries. We offer this massage for specific hours and you can check the timings of the spa to visit us any time. For relaxation of the muscles the benefits of this therapeutic massage we offer has received acclaim from the clients. We also have therapists who have vast knowledge of carrying out massage and know the point of contact for creating deep pressure.


Whether it is to ease depression or reducing the effect of anxiety and stress you can get in touch with our experts for Hot Stone Massage and get the desired relief. If you are keen to spend your weekend in complete relaxation you can visit us to know the massage services we offer to the clients. Our understanding of the task of massage and the benefits it has on the body and mind has allowed us improve over the years. As the same of the salon suggests Rest Assured Massage and Spa provides you the much needed relief from your daily dose of tension. Come to us today and leave with an energized body and relaxed mind.