To have smooth hands and legs and without facial hair is a daunting task but at Rest Assured Massage and Spa we offer a wide range of services to the clients when it comes to hair removal. Often it can get hard to reach the underarms and the areas around the ankle and even more difficult to stay at the top with shaving. If you want to save time and the headache of shaving to remove hair from different parts of the body you can avail this service from the experts of this spa. Not only do we follow hygiene during the process of waxing but the quality of wax which is used is excellent and does not create the red bumps which are common in this technique of hair removal. Before offering this service to the clients we sit through a session to discuss whether there is a problem of allergy and the extent and tell them about the sanitization of equipment which is followed in our spa.


If you are looking for hair waxing near me we offer services right away and you can grab the booking to avoid rush. The full body waxing services we offer is carried out using the best quality strips which eliminate the changes of allergic reactions afterwards and our staff out ice packing on the sensitive areas. Moreover, the services are carried out by experts with adequate experience who know the way in which to do waxing in different areas of the body. Whether it is the things, buttock, back, stomach or any parts of the body from which you may need to remove unwanted hair our experts will do the job quickly and take utmost care to soothe the skin immediately after the procedure.


For waxing spa near me you can rely on Rest Assured Massage and Spa which offers painless hair removal methods. The experts of this spa know the delicate and sensitive areas around the skin and have adopted methods of hair removal which is unique and do not cause any reactions on the skin. You can book the sessions of waxing in advance and after performing the patch test ion your skin we go ahead with the procedure. Visits us to day to avail the waxing services you need.