Exfoliate Skin For A Cleaner Look Through Our Dermablading Method

Rest Assured is the name that you can always trust to cover cosmetic services right from the core and only from trained professionals. Just like your hair, your skin deserves special treatment, especially with the rowing pollution surrounding you. If you are one working woman and have to head out of your house on a daily basis, chances are high that your skin might be absorbing the dust and pollution more often.

Cleaning your skin with face cleanser is not the end of story as you need more to that. Clogged pores might result in acne formation and even rashes, which might get out of control if you fail to take care of it on time. So, avoid that when you have us to help. We have introduced the new Dermablading technique, which is used for removing dead skin cells and give your skin the fresh and healthy look you have been asking for so long.

Idea behind derma blading:

The best thing about us is that we are not just offering the services to our clients but also explaining the same. We don’t want to keep our clients in the dark. Therefore, we would like to help them understand what this method actually is and how it is of great help to them.

  • Derma blading is also called dermaplanning and noted to be one physical ad highly effective exfoliating treatment. We cover this procedure using a medical graded blade to shave the surface of the skin gently to remove dead skin cells and dines, peach fuzz and even vellus hairs through this same process.
  • As this method is likely to take place under professional guidance from us so you are completely safe! We will target this method towards your face, leaving room for the nose and eyebrows. The entire process takes place completely free hand.
  • Here, our trained technician will have complete control over the pressure and number of passes in the allotted area. Our passes are perfect for various complexions and even perfect for people with sensitive skins.

Benefits of derma blading:

Now, you might be wondering why people are more into the services of dermablading lexington ky and why they are calling us for help. Learning about the benefits of this method will answer your question for sure.

  • This method is not just presented for exfoliating the skin but also to reveal the fresh layers beneath. It can further be used for triggering the cell regeneration procedure.
  • The result proves to be a lot healthier and can brighten up the skin more. Your skin will look super fresh, and will feel soft and smooth as well.
  • We are able to remove the vellus hair through our derma blading method. This way, you can easily remove the oil and dirt from your skin and enjoy a cleaner skin.

So, without wasting any time further give us a call at 859-286-9859 and let us serve you with the perfect process. Our trained and experienced dermatologists are down to help.